About Val

Overall well being is achieved through the balance and integration of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  Valerie has spent years exploring each of these parts separately.  She has since integrated her knowledge on all these parts and has developed a perspective on wellness that puts an emphasis on the whole individual.

Following her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Valerie worked in a variety of physical rehabilitation settings – ranging from physical therapy to cardiac rehab facilities. Eventually leading to a thriving personal training practice in NYC.   In her quest to gain a deeper understanding of health she pursued a master’s degree in psychology.  Throughout her career she revisited the practice of Yoga.  Never realizing that one day it would be the hallmark of her career.

After five years of a committed yoga practice, Valerie became a certified yoga instructor.  As a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, Valerie offers an eclectic style in her hatha yoga classes.  She enjoys the thrill and excitement of teaching large groups but also welcomes the challenge and personal relationships established with private yoga and holistic training.  She states: “ Developing a personal relationship with my client and a program that will advance there needs are strong motivators for personal and professional growth.  I am deeply invested in improving the health and wellness of each client.”

Today, Valerie lives in Congers, NY.  She is the mother of two wonder-filled daughters, and wife of CNN contributor and Sirius/XM host Pete Dominick.  Family time is her priority but she also loves to write, read, teach, learn, stand on her head and run marathons.

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