Personal Holistic Fitness Training

Holistic fitness is a mind-body approach to health, fitness, recovery and personal growth.  The traditional Eastern view suggests that personal growth occurs when using the wisdom of the body to enhance the psyche and nourish the spirit.

To improve wellness, both the body and the Self need to be heard, respected and healed.    

Is holistic fitness training right for you?

Are you interested in expanding your idea of health?   Not just viewing it as the absence of disease, but instead seeing it as the embodiment of vitality, strength, serenity, peace and joy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice exerciser, a beginner or seasoned yogi, an advanced athlete, or an overweight sedentary housewife – we all want to experience a pure and joy filled life.

Holistic Fitness training will help you transform your life so that you can uncover the Truth that resides within.

By focusing the mind and using the breath, we start to connect to our bodies and ourselves.  We become less anxious and more confident.   We let go of our need to judge and criticize and we stop our perpetual need to seek perfection.  We begin to find ease in moving beyond our comfort zone and develop newfound curiosities and interests.

As we make these connections we notice our physical bodies effortlessly improve.  Subtle changes from improved movement patterns and breath, to more obvious changes– better posture, enhanced sleep, increased range of motion, reduced tension, less aches and pains, improved strength, and weight loss.

We often jump into a fitness program without considering the whole Self.   Our minds, often times, are our own worst enemies.  Standing in the way of achieving our most sought after goals.   We place limits on our potential by repeatedly telling ourselves we can’t or we’re not good enough.  We need to learn how to quiet our minds, reduce the chatter and be present to what is – and then we can move forward.

What to expect

Each program begins with a free consultation and assessment.  We’ll spend a significant amount of time discussing past roadblocks and limitations, future goals and intentions, exercise and movement history, diet, relaxation and stress management techniques, breathing patterns, etc.  We’ll then go through a fitness assessment to evaluate a baseline where physical progress can be measured.  A comprehensive fitness assessment measures the following four components: cardiorespiratory efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, muscle joint and flexibility, and body composition.

After the consultation and assessment, Valerie will develop a holistic program based on your needs and goals.  This may include relaxation, stress management and breathing techniques, strength building exercises, high energy cardio and plyometric exercises, and stretches to increase range of motion and improve muscle imbalances or decrease aches and pains.  Sessions often end with Valerie’s gentle and highly effective hands-on stretches. Sit back and enjoy this five minutes of complete surrender and tension release.

Throughout each session we’ll spend time discussing any struggles or conflicts that may be inhibiting or limiting progression.  Emphasis will be placed on mind and body as we mindfully move through each exercise or pose.

Options -

If you choose to have the sessions in the privacy of your home, Valerie will supply the necessary equipment – including mats, blocks, resistant cables/bands, straps, and weights. If in the future you decide to purchase your own materials, Valerie will consult with you on the ideal equipment for your needs.

Email Valerie for package prices and availability.

Sessions can include –

Posture analysis – Yoga poses – Pilates Mat – Balance Training – Circuit Training – Plyometric and cardio conditioning – Core and Functional training  – weight training