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There is no greater investment than your health – both mental and physical. Exercise is a big part of wellness. But getting started and sustaining a plan isn’t always easy. There are so many questions – What, how, when? What weight should I lift? How many reps? What type of Cardio? What’s my target heart rate? When is the best time to exercise? How many times a week?  What are the most time efficient exercises? Is my form correct? How do I train for a specific event? What’s the best way to lose weight or sustain my weight?

A fitness trainer will answer all these questions and more. They educate, support, help set specific goals, motivate, challenge, encourage, they hold you accountable, help form good habits, they improve your mental health, and most importantly they’re your biggest cheerleader.  Your success is their success.

What to expect -

A personal training program begins with a free consultation and assessment.  We’ll spend a significant amount of time discussing past roadblocks and limitations, future goals and intentions, exercise and movement history, diet, relaxation and stress management techniques, breathing patterns, etc.  We’ll then go through a fitness assessment to evaluate a baseline where physical progress can be measured.  A comprehensive fitness assessment measures the following four components: cardiorespiratory efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, muscle joint and flexibility, and body composition.

After the consultation and assessment, Valerie will develop a program based on your needs and goals.  This may include relaxation and stress management techniques, together with  strength building exercises, cardio and plyometric exercises, and stretches to increase range of motion and improve muscle imbalances or decrease aches and pains.  Sessions often end with Valerie’s gentle and highly effective hands-on stretches. Sit back and enjoy this five minutes of complete surrender and tension release.

If you have the budget and you see this service as a personal benefit contact Valerie today! Even if it’s just to jump-start a program and help you form the habit of exercise. Remember – Having a personal trainer by your side will almost guarantee success. And the first session is free! No obligations or commitments necessary. Make the move.  You have nothing to lose.

Small Group Training (SGT) is composed of a group of 2-5 people. While personal training provides the most attention and opportunity for success, SGT may be a better fit for you budget. It offers greater individualized attention than a group class and creates a social dynamic that can aide in adherence and motivation. Everyone in SGT programs follow similar programs but the exercises and weights may be adjusted to meet needs and abilities.

Private Bootcamp or HIIT classes consist of a group of six our more students.  These fitness classes can be done in a corporate setting or in your apartment building, or anywhere with the space. Valerie will show up and design a program that will meet the needs of the group while offering modifications for the individual.

Youth Fitness- Today’s youth is more sedentary than ever before. Getting them to move can be a challenge – especially for the unathletic or uncoordinated. Valerie has a way of making these kids enjoy movement. They don’t even realize they’re exercising! She has a special talent that sets her aside from the rest. She has been working with children and adolescents since the beginning. Starting as a youth fitness specialist and then a youth yoga instructor. She  works with children/teens one-on-one and in small groups.

Special Needs Kids - Valerie has worked with a variety of special needs children and adolescents since pursuing her master’s in School Psychology – where she helped diagnose and develop treatment plans. Her interest carried her forward and expanded into her fitness career.  She’s now teaching group yoga classes  as well as private fitness sessions for this special population.

Options – If you choose to have sessions in the privacy of your home, office or club house, Valerie will supply the necessary equipment.  If in the future you decide to purchase your own materials, Valerie will consult with you on the ideal equipment for your needs.

Or you can come to Valerie’s space with ALL the equipment necessary (Personal Training and SGT only) – located in Nyack, NY.

Prices – Price packages vary depending on location and need.

Private sessions range from $95-$150/session.  Semi-Private range from $45 per person – $85 per person. Group classes start at $120.

Email Valerie for specifics and availability.

Sessions can include –

Posture analysis – Yoga poses – Pilates Mat – Balance Training – Circuit Training – Plyometric and cardio conditioning – boxing and kickboxing – Core and Functional training  – weight training – stress management techniques – diet analysis – behavior modification plan – weight-loss plan