Here is what some of Valerie Vendrame’s clients have said about her work with them over the years. (Also see Val’s bio.) And visit Thumbtack for more!

Valerie knows how to motivate me and keep me going through all the times when I start out feeling that the last thing I want to do is exercise. With the right blend of humor, energy, encouragement and variety, she keeps me moving and improving. And while I know intellectually that lifting weights isn’t just firming my tush and arms, it’s keeping me from shrinking, I also know that there is no way I would be doing half of what I’m doing without Valerie to keep me going — and stretch my tired muscles when I’m done.”


Val is not only incredibly friendly and fun, she is supportive and a great motivator. Each workout is planned before I get there, and she takes time to make sure I do each exercise correctly to avoid injury and work the right muscles. She also checks in with me to ensure that I am eating right and keeping to a schedule. My workouts with Val are not only hard and make me feel good, but they are fun. She really cares about her clients and wants to make sure they are happy and taking care of themselves.”

R. Singh

There is no price that can be put on what Valerie has done for my life. Within six months of working together, I went down to my desired weight and improved my life! I am now more confident and have such a different, more positive outlook! She has made me so much more knowledgeable and aware of my body. It’s amazing what one person can do!”


Having been rather sedentary for about 20 years, I approached exercise with trepidation and skepticism. Valerie, through a combination of skill, encouragement and humor, converted me. I’ve been training with Valerie for a year and a half and I feel better and look better. She’s the best!!!”

S. B.

I would like to say that Valerie is an AMAZING trainer. I’ve always been way too lazy to work out, so I never did. When I realized I needed something to get me off the couch, I called Val. I now actually look forward to Valerie coming over and making me sweat, jump and pump until I’m in tears!”

S. Parlow

Val not only helped me lose weight and get me in shape, she provided me with nutritional tips that have contributed to a healthier, overall lifestyle. And my abs are tighter, not only from the crunches and leg lifts, but because she makes me laugh a ton! She’s not just a trainer, she’s your friend.”

G. De La Concha

“No other trainer has shown such dedication to my workouts, she actually cares about my progress! There is a written plan for each workout ready when I get there. Her preparation for her sessions beforehand is like no other trainer I have ever seen! My body changed within the first three weeks I started working out with Val. She’s amazing!”

N. Michaels