Yoga means union. A simple application of wholeness that represents a state of being independent of what you have or what you achieve but rather of who you Are. It’s that unifying place that exists in each one of us where all of our potential resides. Realizing that you are already whole – that everything you need you already have – you don’t have to be fulfilled by things or people that reside outside of yourself. You can stop manipulating the world around you to make you feel happy and instead experience the being you are and allow it to be the source of your living. With this awareness, you act not from a place of lacking, but from a place of fullness – where you are a natural expression of your true self.

The physical practice of Hatha yoga ties much of yoga philosophy together. Not only is it a way to prepare the body for long hours of meditation (as was the original purpose), but it also helps improve each system in the body. It strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and flexibility, helps with digestion, improves respiration, and creates a level of relaxation that promotes overall health and well being.

Other ways an asana practice helps create a sense of balance in ones life are a little less obvious. The practice puts demands on the body and mind, mimicking the demands placed in life. Here we have a physical representation of how we can manage reality. We try to escape a discomfort of a pose in much the same way we do in life. In an asana practice we begin to learn how to allow all sensations, thoughts and emotions to be present without passing judgment or criticizing. We don’t need to change the experience, rather find a way to live in it with comfort and ease. We learn to be in the moment, appreciating what is in front of us, without striving for what will come next.

TruYou will give you the opportunity to experience true yoga. Take the journey – dive into the light and explore your True Self.

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“Spiritual practice that involve the physical body such as tai chi, chi gong, yoga, are also increasingly being embraced by the Western world… They will play an important role in the global awakening.”                                                                              -Echkart Tolle