Private Yoga Lessons

While group yoga classes are valuable, rewarding and very popular today in both the East and the West, traditionally yoga was taught one-on-one. If you have the aspiration and the means to attend private lessons, there are many additional benefits that are not available in group classes.

Prior to beginning the private yoga sessions, Valerie will take you through a fitness assessment to address any areas of concern while gaining a deeper understanding of your needs and goals. A postural assessment will be done to assess any muscular issues or imbalances. This will aid in a development of a yoga program designed specifically for you. For instance, specific postures and sequences can be chosen that address your unique musculo-skeletal imbalances, with an aim toward correcting those imbalances. Or, if you need to focus on stress-reduction and relaxation, extra focus will be spent on the breath and reaching a calming, relaxed state.

Some other advantages include:

  • modifications and alternatives are offered for postures that are more challenging for your particular body type, strength and flexibility.
  • the pace and intensity of the practice can be tailored around your needs and goals
  • you have more of an opportunity to stop and ask questions, which is traditionally a very important part of learning yoga
  • you can develop a deeper and more meaningful student/teacher relationship
  • you have an individualized and supported way of deepening your yoga practice

Private sessions can be arranged at Valerie’s home studio – located in Congers, New York – or for an additional fee, Valerie is also available to come to your Rockland County home. Please email Valerie for additional information.