Yoga for Kids and Teens

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Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body – tools they can use in their everyday lives.

As childhood obesity reaches epidemic proportions, children are becoming more and more disconnected with their bodies, and their self-image is paying a price. Yoga is a fun, creative way to help children and teens regain their confidence by providing a safe, secure atmosphere to be themselves, while they move with meaning. Children who practice yoga learn early on learn how to tune into their bodies and how to connect with themselves and with the world around them. Not only does yoga provide physical benefits – improving strength, flexibility and coordination – but it also enhances self-awareness, imagination, compassion and empathy. It provides children and adolescents a foundation for life-long wellness by focusing on the whole Self – body, mind, and spirit.

Valerie makes yoga a unique and fun experience for each child. Tapping into imagination by becoming forest animals or taking magical trips to enchanted lands on their magic carpets. They play a variety of partner and team building games to help cultivate compassion, empathy and trust. Each class always ends with a clever way to self-soothe – using breath and relaxation techniques, they’re able to retreat to their place of comfort.

Yoga Classes:

School Programs: By collaborating with  school administrators, physical education teachers, and/or school counselors Valerie  offers yoga and meditation classes to grades K-12th as a phys. ed. elective or after school activity.

Workshops: Mindfulness and yoga workshops are available for parents and educators who want to incorporate stress-reducing, health-promoting techniques in their classroom or at home.

Private group classes or one-on-one:
Gather a group of kids or teens for a weekly yoga class, or have solo private classes. Valerie will come to your home or venue and develop classes based on your specific needs and goals.

Parties: Yoga parties are a unique, age appropriate, fun way to celebrate your birthday or any occasion!  Valerie will come to your home, or venue, bring all the essentials, and celebrate yoga style.  All celebrations will include basic or challenging yoga poses to upbeat music, creative breathing techniques, fun yoga games, relaxing time, and so much more! You can add more by choosing a fun theme from the options below, or choose your own theme!

  • Jungle – Children go on a magical jungle adventure – they can bring their favorite stuffed animal to the party and share their mats with theiranimal friends as they travel on their magic carpet to explore far away lands.
  • Circus – Includes group games, flying partner yoga, parachute fun, circus tricks – balancing, juggling, lion tamers…etc.
  • Yoga Spa – (90 min – 2 hr party recommended) – includes hand/foot massage with aromatherapy, nail polishing, hair braiding or face painting – an additional $5 per child.
  • Yoga Art Party – (90 min – 2 hr party recommended) – choose from creating puppets, wish boxes, yoga shirts, or mandalas – an additional $5-10 per child.
  • Rockin Teen Yoga – Move with your favorite tunes, while getting a great workout! And we’ll close the practice with aromatherapy, and henna tattoos (an additional $10-20 per person for henna).
  • Pajama Yoga – perfect for sleepover parties! Kids will be soothed with gentle and relaxing restorative yoga poses along with calming breathing and visualization techniques before bedtime. Aromatherapy included. Sweet dreams to follow!

For more details on kids and teen yoga contact our sister site: or  Contact Valerie for rates and packages.


The Hudson Valley Journal News:

Valerie Vendrame’s yoga classes are by no means new — she’d been teaching in Rockland County for months — but now she’s putting a new twist on her practice by gearing classes toward children.

Before her family moved to Congers in 2007, she worked as a personal trainer in Manhattan, where half of her clients were kids.

“Knowing the benefits of yoga, I would incorporate yoga poses and breathing exercises as part of their program — well before I became an actual certified yoga instructor,” she says.

“Once I relaunched my business in September 2010, I made it official and began teaching yoga to adults, and almost four months later I started a program for children.”

She now leads her yoga classes for kids at her home studio, private parties and schools. Kids, she says, love yoga once it becomes an exercise in movement and imagination.

Her husband, comedian Pete Dominick, has been impressed with how his wife convinces kids to take imaginary trips on magic carpets to enchanted lands.

“She taught a yoga class for my daughter’s birthday party, and it was one of the most unbelievable things I’ve seen my wife do,” he says. “The kids loved it.”

Vendrame says yoga helps children improve self-esteem, builds strength, fosters relaxation and gets kids more in tune with their bodies.

“Children who practice yoga learn early on how to tune into their bodies and how to connect with themselves,” she says, “and with the world around them.”

At her home studio, Vendrame’s yoga classes for children can be purchased in six-week blocks, with each class averaging an hour in length.

Costs vary due to age level and class length. Contact Valerie for details.

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