Group Yoga

Honoring all hatha yoga traditions, Valerie invites her students to listen to their bodies, while riding the wave of breath. She incorporates yoga philosophy, meditation, breath and inspirational messages throughout her classes, adding to the complete yogic experience. Below you will find a brief description of  yoga class style, level and format.

Foundations of Yoga

A unique class designed for the yogi who is interested in deepening his/her practice or the beginner who is eager to learn the fundamentals of yoga and discover why this ancient tradition has modern day society so hooked. Every class will build on the next and will consist of a brief discussion of yoga philosophy, followed by pranayama (breath) and asana (postures). Emphasis will be placed on posture alignment and its physical as well as physiological benefits. In the small semi-private setting, an open dialogue is encouraged and necessary to progress in a manner that is helpful for student and teacher. All levels welcomed.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga offers an opportunity to practice yoga in a meditative, relaxed atmosphere. Focusing on breath and movement, you’ll slowly notice an overall transformation – feeling a heightened state of tranquility while increasing strength and flexibility. All levels welcomed.

Vinyasa PowerFlow

The word vinyasa translates to the flow or linking together of poses. This style of yoga is one of Valerie’s personal favorites. She instructs with creativity, passion and compassion while creating a safe environment for students to express their full potential. As you flow from one posture to the next, you’ll call upon strength, power, flexibility and breath to move you through this dynamic class. Strong beginner/intermediate students are welcome.

Yoga for the Athlete

You may be surprised to find that yoga makes a perfect companion for athletes of all sports, even the high-energy fitness enthusiasts. Yoga can help develop better breathing techniques while improving balance, flexibility, overall strength and endurance. In this class Valerie utilizes her personal training and yoga background by creating a dynamic, high energy, powerful yoga class – boot camp meets PowerFlow yoga in a perfect blend. Intermediate students with a strong fitness background are welcome.

Corporate/Office Yoga -

Yoga in the workplace benefits the entire office community -

Company Benefits

Reduces Health Care Costs
Increases Profits
Decreases Employee Conflicts
Motivates Employees to work to their highest potential

Employee Physical Benefits

Improves Strength & Flexibility
Increases Energy
Helps Carpal Tunnel Pain
Reduces Back and Neck pain
Reduces Headaches
Promotes Weight Loss
Boosts Immune System

Employee Mental Benefits

Increases Creativity and Focus
Decreases Stress, Enhances Clarity
Improves Overall Performance
Improves Communication Skills
Promotes Overall Sense of Well-Being
Cultivates Leadership and Teamwork

A small investment reaping abundant rewards.

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